Lifestyle Calculators

How big is your carbon footprint?

Carbon footprint refers to the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases generated in the course of the activities of any individual or organization. Find out the size of your carbon footprint resulting from driving, air travel, and residential activities here.


How much do you spend?

How large is your annual energy expenditure? Click here to view an interactive map on which you can select your state to find your estimated energy expenditure (residential and transportation.)


Save with eGallon!

Switching from gas to electricity can save you a ton! On an average, electric vehicles cost three times less than regular vehicles. Click here to find how much you can save on each gallon.


Heat water, save trees, cut CO2

To see how much water you can heat, how many trees you can save, and how much carbon dioxide you can cut by enabling solar energy to cater to your needs, click here .


Tax Credits, Rebates and Savings

Click here to find the possible tax credits, rebates, and other savings you are eligible for because of your commitment to energy efficiency.