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Engineering on Crowder-Drury House

The Crowder-Drury engineering team established a goal to create a durable, energy efficient home that has the power to withstand high winds while being affordable. A primary design of the home is its ability to respond to a natural disaster quickly enough to save lives. The home can be shipped in by truck and constructed on site; this simple aspect… Read more →

Burlington: The City that has Managed High Energy Sustainability

Burlington: The City that has Managed High Energy Sustainability by Daniela Carvajal   Burlington, Vermont, is showing us how energy sustainability can change cities. The city has managed to reach a very high sustainability rate on their energy consumption and production by various means of energy production.   According to PBS Newshour, switching from fossil fuel based energy is likely… Read more →

Steve Mullins

Drury Economics Professor Inspired by Solar Decathlon

Solar panels plus EVs equal dollars and sense. Mentors often inspire with guidance and wisdom, but sometimes they can be inspired by those whom they mentor. For Dr. Steve Mullins, Crowder-Drury 2015 Solar Decathlon mentor and professor of economics, this statement could not be more accurate. Since joining the decathlon team as a mentor, student discussions and research on the… Read more →