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Matt Stockstill

Name: Matt Stockstill, Drury University Major: Architecture. Responsibilities: I am the co-project manager for the team and am in charge of assuring that all phases of the project are completed on time by organizing teams and assigning tasks to various persons including myself. Inspirations: My inspirations include multiple professors from Drury University and the fact that my hard work can make a positive… Read more →

Alaa AlRadwan

Name: Alaa AlRadwan, Drury University Major: Architecture & Graphic Design Responsibilities: My role is Co-project Manager which means I oversee all the components of the project. I have close relationships with all the students involved and make sure to delegate tasks that fit the students interests. I oversee the contest and all the deliverables, I make sure we meet all the deadlines and ensure that… Read more →

Joplin’s State Energy Plan Meeting 2014 and Team ShelteR3

Joplin’s State Energy Plan Meeting 2014 and Team ShelteR3 By Daniela Carvajal   I am part of the Solar Decathlon contest with team Shelter3, and when I found that I could be helpful in a State Energy Plan Meeting in Joplin, I thought it was a worthwhile opportunity to learn and engage more in the project. The day of the… Read more →

Shelter Featured in City Paper

As we develop our Solar Decathlon project our goal is to not only produce an energy efficient home, but to also engage the community and communicate our message. The Drury-Crowder Solar Decathlon team has been featured in an article recently published on the Springfield NewsLeader website. The article describes the Solar Decathlon competition and explains the dynamic partnership between Drury and Crowder,… Read more →