Author: Evan Melgren

students help rebuild

What’s a Flash Mob?

Following the Joplin tornado in 2011, Anna Plunkett and Michael Ligibel led the Drury Smart Mob that participated in ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Joined by dozens other Drury students, Anna and Michael went to Joplin to support a group of architecture students who had designed and were building a landscape feature in Cunningham Park as a tribute to the… Read more →

Steve Mullins

Drury Economics Professor Inspired by Solar Decathlon

Solar panels plus EVs equal dollars and sense. Mentors often inspire with guidance and wisdom, but sometimes they can be inspired by those whom they mentor. For Dr. Steve Mullins, Crowder-Drury 2015 Solar Decathlon mentor and professor of economics, this statement could not be more accurate. Since joining the decathlon team as a mentor, student discussions and research on the… Read more →

The three R's

The Three R’s

Respond The dimensions of the Shelter home enable the two modular elements to be shipped to the scene of a disaster pre-built, which can be set up quickly. Will require minimal assembly once at destination. Once the home has been assembled at a disaster site, the home will be able to fully function without connecting to a power grid. Recover… Read more →

Drury Students work on design

Solar Decathlon

 Welcome from Crowder College and Drury University. You’ve found our website detailing everything you need to know about our joint entry into the 2015 Solar Decathlon. The Solar Decathlon is an interdisciplinary, elaborate, challenging, and engaging opportunity for college students across the country. In this competition students must design, market, build, and operate a solar powered home. Teams must… Read more →