Student Spotlight: Spreading The Story

by Cody Stepp

How does a student share his story?

Well for students of the Crowder-Drury Solar Decathlon Team it is easier than you might think.

As we parted ways for the summer our students went across the country, even the globe. Some returned to small hometowns or big cities, others started new adventures in exciting places through internships and work opportunities.

But why does this matter to the project? It all comes back to support. As a Communication student and student leader I am very familiar with the ShelterR³ project but what I have found most helpful in propelling our project forward is practicing my approach to spreading our projects ideas and helping share awareness about our mission.

Now I am fortunate, I have been blessed with a job as a scuba instructor down in the Florida Keys at a Boy Scout camp. As I teach young scouts to dive, I also teach them a love for the world and the environment around them. Often times, this opens up channels of conversation that start with why I care and ends with me explaining what Crowder and Drury have been doing the past two years to prepare for 2015 Solar Decathlon.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 8.51.28 AM

The kids are not only interested in learning about our efforts to develop new sustainable ideas, but I also get the chance to inspire interest in both the young and old.

We have a saying here, “think globally, act locally” which is a great guide post to follow, especially with solar innovation. It allows me to the spread of concepts and the overall mission of forward movement we are striving for with the Solar Decathlon project.

My name’s Cody, and over the next few weeks I will be writing a series of posts about our project, our passion, inspiration, and execution. Solar Decathlon is a tool and the greater story is the message.