Crowder-Drury Architecture

The Crowder-Drury Solar team has made it our goal to design a solar-powered, tornado-resistant home that meets need of victims through a quick targeted response, facilitated recovery, and resilient layers of protection. To achieve this goal, our architecture students designed the house so it can be shipped as two modular components. The house is divided into two pieces, one that holds the service core, including the bathroom and kitchen area, and one that holds the private bedroom and study.

at the drawing table

The ability to transform the house makes it so possible to transport it to the area in need. In addition to meeting the safety needs of the victims, the house also becomes a home. We choose a warm color palette that allows for natural material choice and gives an open feeling to the home. This will give the feeling of relaxation to the victims and allow them to relive the peaceful environment that they need. It is a top priority of the Crowder Drury Team that families will maintain a high level of physical and psychological safety. Our design applies the highest level of protection to the exterior of the home while still maintaining the same feelings of rest and calm that is expressed in the interior. The screen shield placed around the home uses horizontal lines as well as simple forms to allow for sunlight to enter the house while still maintaining a high degree of protection.

For the Crowder-Drury Team it is essential that the people who live in our home experience comfort and protective nature. The small gaps and rotating storm doors allow the people living in it to be at home.

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  1. June 6, 2015 at 9:58 pm

    Interesting! I’ll have to do some look-ups on some of your components. Does this house meet FEMA 320 guidelines? Also, how is it attached to the ground so as to create a Continuous Load Path?

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