Engineering on Crowder-Drury House

1446252216_005c5d9329_bThe Crowder-Drury engineering team established a goal to create a durable, energy efficient home that has the power to withstand high winds while being affordable. A primary design of the home is its ability to respond to a natural disaster quickly enough to save lives. The home can be shipped in by truck and constructed on site; this simple aspect of the design is able to make our home arrive when the victims need it most.

The most valuable design point is that it is self-sustainable. The home is produces its own energy and so has the capabilities to run entirely off the grid, With a PV system of approximately 10 kW, it can generate power solely from the 30 Sun Power X21-345 model panels. 10 kW’s provides so much power that the house will produce more energy than it uses. The house could run a small water heater, central air conditioning, several lights, a computer, TV, and a refrigerator while only using 9 of the 10kWs. The house also excels at providing water without a cost. The primary water storage tank is placed on the south side of the house, where the appliances, sinks, showers, and tubs are located. This design allows for as little piping as possible for ease in the tear down/moving portion of the response. Finally, the house is equipped with a Greywater storage tank that collects rain water to be used in the bathroom.

The house is engineered around the three R’s that the Crowder-Drury Team has corner stoned; Respond, Recover, Resist. This home will flawlessly protect those effected by disaster and provide the needed sustainable living environment.

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  1. Mary Braswell
    July 13, 2015 at 8:28 am

    Will plans be available for this solar home? Thank you, Mary Braswell

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