Matt Stockstill

Mat S.Name: Matt Stockstill, Drury University

Major: Architecture.

Responsibilities: I am the co-project manager for the team and am in charge of assuring that all phases of the project are completed on time by organizing teams and assigning tasks to various persons including myself.

Inspirations: My inspirations include multiple professors from Drury University and the fact that my hard work can make a positive impact in the field of architecture and in the lives of many. In terms of this specific project, I am inspired by those who took the long road to achieve a great thing. With the Solar Decathlon, we chose to design our house around disaster relief, which has made our journey very complicated and stressful, but also rewarding because at the end of this competition, we will have created something that can truly benefit thousands of people.

Why you chose to join The Solar Decathlon: I chose to join the Solar Decathlon because I wanted to use the skills that I have been building upon at Drury to help us win this tough competition. I knew that it would be a great experience for my career and that if we could win, it would greatly help the school and its students. Having practiced in a firm for over a year, I assumed that my knowledge and experience in the field would be beneficial to others on the team.

Goals for the project: Shelter3 will set a new precedent for disaster-relief housing by using its three main design tiers of Respond, Recover, and Resist. We obviously want to win the competition, but if at the end of the day, we have created a house that can protect disaster victims from further harm, we will be satisfied. The competition itself will help Drury gain exposure and assist with its recruiting and overall operations.