Alaa AlRadwan

Alaa AName: Alaa AlRadwan, Drury University

Major: Architecture & Graphic Design

Responsibilities: My role is Co-project Manager which means I oversee all the components of the project. I have close relationships with all the students involved and make sure to delegate tasks that fit the students interests. I oversee the contest and all the deliverables, I make sure we meet all the deadlines and ensure that they are all done efficiently and on time. I make sure that we follow all the rules and that everything we turn in and do in the competition meets the requirements.

Inspirations: My inspiration for the project and what really keeps me going is the passion I see within the team. All the mentors and students involved in the project have a passion for learning about efficient and sustainable design. The passion in this project is really exhilarating and humbling at the same time, which only makes it a more valuable experience.

Why you chose to join The Solar Decathlon: In the design world the Solar Decathlon is relatively well known and I’ve always been interested in the competition as a whole. When Drury announced it was partnering with Crowder for the competition I was in. I knew that not only did I want to be part of the team, but that I also wanted to be a leader and I am convinced that we have a winning team!

Goals for the project: I think the most important goal for this project is educating students and the public. The students have a great opportunity to learn and get hands on, real life experience, while the public has a great opportunity to learn about sustainable design and ways that we can all design more efficiently to help our environment. Designing something that impacts lives is amazing in itself. Also winning would be nice!