The Home Life Team Demonstrates the Livability of a Solar-Powered Home

By Blake Thomazin & Kayla Nichols

When is a House a Home?

The Home Life Team Demonstrates the Livability of a Solar-Powered Home

During the weeklong Solar Decathlon event in California, teams will have many opportunities to display the living features of their houses, In the Home Life Contest, students must demonstrate that the house is suitable to be a home, a challenge when relying exclusively on solar power.

The team must produce 15 gallons of hot water from the shower, operate the lights, television and computer, and host a movie night and two dinner parties. These activities will demonstrate that our house is comfortable for everyday living.

During the Groundbreaking Event on March 10 from 2:30-4 pm, our Home Life Team surprised event guests and sponsors by preparing one of the meals they will cook at the competition. They prepared a vegetarian entrée consisting of crêpes with spinach, tomato, grilled onions, mushrooms, asparagus, and mozzarella. The competition the team also plans to offer a non-vegetarian option.

The Home Life Team consists Emma Reynolds, Wing Lamb, Ashleey Hesterbert, and Elisha Segrist. They meet every Thursday to discuss and test new ideas and recipes for the dinner parties. “We decided to make the first night French-themed, and we are thinking Thai or Indian for the second,” says Reynolds. These meals must be prepared for 8-10 people in two hours and in a formal setting.

According to Reynolds, the Ceramics Department at Drury University is making special dishes for use at the competition. The Home Life Department is making great progress and looks forward to show casing the home’s features in October.