Solar Shower raises funds, awareness for ShelterR3 project

Crowder-Drury’s Solar Decathlon team invited students, members of the community and the Drury Women’s Auxiliary to the Hammon’s School of Architecture on Thursday, March 26, 2015, to learn more about the 2015 Solar Decathlon competition and Crowder-Drury’s ShelteR3 project.  The Solar Shower was also a fundraising opportunity for the team and thanks to the generosity of attendees, the team received a $1,500 gift to help with project costs.
 “It’s not a wedding shower and it’s not a baby shower. Think of it as…an energy shower,” says Drury Women’s Auxiliary President Carole Lambert.


Project managers Alaa AlRadwan and Mathew Stockstill gave the 15-minute presentation in the multi-purpose room of the HSA and showed snap shots of the team’s various trips, updated drawings and floor plans and a 3D model of the house.


Questions about the 1000-square-foot home were answered by AlRadwan and Stockstill. Most guests were interested in what will happen to the home after it’s built. The simple answer is that they’re just not sure. While the team would love for FEMA to take the home as a model, the house could stand beside Crowder’s previous Solar Decathlon home, rest at Drury or be sold.


photo by Cody Stepp

photo by Cody Stepp


No matter what happens to the ShelteR3 house, the team remains hopeful the project will have a lasting impact on disaster relief and energy efficiency.



photo by Cody Stepp


Once the meeting convened, the ladies of DWA toured the lobby to learn about the various items needed for the ShelteR3 home, which range from $30 dish sets to $1,000 sponsorships for student travel to the competition. Pledge cards were made available to those who were interested in contributing.

If you would like to contribute to Crowder-Drury’s Solar Decathlon team, you can do so online through Drury University or contact Traci Sooter.