The Three R’s


  • The dimensions of the Shelter home enable the two modular elements to be shipped to the scene of a disaster pre-built, which can be set up quickly.
  • Will require minimal assembly once at destination.
  • Once the home has been assembled at a disaster site, the home will be able to fully function without connecting to a power grid.


  • The home may function as a disaster response command center if necessary, to aid in the community’s recovery process.
  • Plantings are both edible and aesthetic pleasing.
  • Offers a beautiful, modern design that provides an enjoyable and invigorating living space, while functioning as a storm shelter and producer of energy.


  • The shelter home will be constructed using a layering technique. This method of construction will help protect the home from flying objects during a tornado.
  • The exterior of the home has been engineered to prevent features from becoming detached during a tornado. This prevents the home from becoming a hazard to other homes by contributing to the deadly debris field.
  • The perforated metal doors for the house allow the homeowner to open up the interior spaces of the home when desired, yet protect these spaces from tornadic events when needed. The perforation in the doors affords the homeowner the opportunity to control natural light levels inside the home at all times.
  • The Shelter home offers protected spaces that create a feeling of safety, as well as serve to highlight the generous proportions of the main living space.